A new Van zanten comic for the economist magazine ESB. Theme of my comic are problems at the dutch tax authorities… Unfortunately I will have to explain the joke to people who are not familiar with the commercials of the dutch tax authorities (to remind us to send in our income tax forms). My translation: 1) The problems of the dutch tax authorities in a nutshell. 2) Payments of allowances don’t fit in a culture of grasping individuals. 2) Old fashioned and rigid ICT-sytems. 4) Low-educated personnel remains after a failed job reduction plan (the goals was to keep the best qualified and experienced employees, but they soon discovered it was a golden opportunity to leave). 4) Bad communication between the top and workers. Tax collection is in danger! 5) Finally, they have succeeded in making tax return easier ├índ more fun! (For many years, the dutch tax authorities have been using a slogan saying ‘leuker kunnen we het niet maken, wel makkelijker – we can’t make it more fun, but we can make it easier’).

Een Van Zanten-strip voor het economische tijdschrift ESB, over de problemen bij de Belastingdienst.